The System

The most common thing I hear when people see the Chess Cypher system is;

“That looks complicated!”

At first glance it certainly appears that way but there is a logic to it that can be explained;

The system is fourth dimensional and it functions in two modes, the first mode uses the three dimensions (3D) that is to say the positions of the planets of our solar system as they relate physically to one another in space can be mapped onto one of the 64 squares that have been arranged on this chessboard:

The second mode concerns the fourth dimension only (4D) which means it tracks time in units of one day, following 3 cycles that relate to the Moon, the Sun and the Stars.

In this mode the board becomes three dimensional, the 4 tiers relate to one of the three cycles that it measures, THE MOON CYCLE is the bottom tier, THE SUN CYCLE is the second and THE STAR CYCLE takes up the third and 4th (top) tiers as described in the following example:

At it’s root this system allows the DNA code to be read as it consciously expresses itself, this includes your own D.N.A code which forms the pattern of your individual expression, just as a seed contains all the information that one day could grow into a mighty oak tree…

When it comes to the D.N.A code, every human being contains all of the 64 D.N.A codons inside of them, however, using the Chess Cypher system it is possible to find which Codons you have switched on or off which in turn gives you some very deep information about how your own particular conscious and unconscious awareness operates.

This allows the person studying their code to be able to see repeating patterns, which really is the root of all problems and presents new choices which lead to new paths of experience that break old patterns.

The system uses many ancient divinatory and esoteric systems from all over the world and fuses them together into essentially a multidimensional fractal machine.

Of all the cogs that make up this machine, none of the systems put into it needed to be altered or changed, everything just slots together, in a way that seems like it was always supposed to!

The above explanation just scratches the surface of what is possible with this 4th dimensional symbolic lexicon of awareness.



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